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My history of video games

Hi there, my name is Kramo, and I was the editor of the video gaming magazine. Here you can read concerning some of my History regarding video games. The first video game My spouse and i played was a game named Pong, which was a video golf game. 8 bit online games.

The first video game computer My partner and i owned was an 64 bit computer. A Commodore 64, which like the amount says had 64 bit. Today not many computers or maybe game consoles could work with that little memory, nevertheless they did not have that now, as the games were simpler.

Playing video games has been as easy as putting a cassette inside a tape machine, and then your computer loaded the game up. Many games were on a cassette, and you had to load these individuals into the computer to play all of them. This could take some time depending on the sport, but it usually did not require a long time. Some games performed also come on a diskette, which allowed people to fill up games a bit faster. Certainly one of my favourite games in those days was obviously a game like Pac-man, Load-runner, and a lot of others.

The game titles were played with a bit controller, and exercised good reflexes. Today it is possible to play many of the most popular 8 bit video game titles on the web, but playing regarding a joystick is the simply way to go. These games are smaller than most games nowadays, and simpler. Because of their tiny size it is possible to get them included in a joystick that can be blocked directly to a television. You can attempt out some of them like Pac-man in the 8 bit game titles classics collection16 bit video games Amiga 2000, was our second computer, and must have been a 16 bit computer, together with 1 megabyte, of storage, or 1024 kilobytes. In addition, it had more colours, as well as up to 4096 on display from a palette of thousand colours, which was a lot during those times.


There were also other of sixteen bit machines like the Atari ST. For some reason there have always been rivalries between computer platforms, often the Amiga, had great cartoon, and graphics capabilities, the actual Atari, had great audio and sound abilities. Total, these computers had the identical abilities, as they were with all the same processor, called Motorola.

The games were very good, and at that time they emerged on a diskette, which could retail store up to 880 kilobytes info that is made up of pictures, seems, and code that are the components of the game. Diskettes have been new in those days, and more quickly to load than using a mp3, and could also be used to retailer other things like, documents, or even a picture.

16 bit gaming system were an evolution following 8 bit video games, the particular games had 4 route sound audio, and the personal computers were faster, about 7mhz, which stands for megahertz, and is also the count for just how fast the computer operates. Yet those things were not the main items, the main thing was, the playability of the game.

If the activity was good, you played out it until, either you possessed finished it, or there was a new game out there, worth playing. On the Amiga I played games just like, Tetris, Altered beast, That came from the desert, and quite a few others. You can look at some these in the 16 bit games classics collection32 bit online games

Becoming an avid gamer, I have usually followed with the gaming globe, and watched what was brand new, later I learned of the new format, that was going to change the face of video gaming.

A single CD can shop 600 megabytes of data. It was a giant leap at the time, and today entire encyclopaedias could be saved on single CD, this too meant that it was possible to create bigger, games, with more high quality in the picture and sound. CDs have good music quality, and the sound within the games was even better than ever before. It was just like computers have been waiting for this evolution, because they were beginning to advance in order to 32-bit computing. One of the first computer systems to start advancing towards system gaming was the CDTV, that was an Amiga computer which could play video games, and multimedia system titles. It had a COMPACT DISC drive and could also perform music, and was linked to a television. The CDTV later evolved into the 32-bit arena with the CD32. The third video games computer is really a 32 bit classic video gaming system PlayStation, but before there were others. The CD32 was one of the first 32 little bit gaming consoles. It was additionally an Amiga computer, and may be connected directly to the TV, as well as played games on a COMPACT DISK. This was one of the first steps in to the CD console arena. Once the PlayStation, arrived on the scene, it took the actual gaming world by surprise. Some of my favourite games for this are Metal Gear Strong and Gran Turismo. 128 bit games

128 little game consoles offered video games with better graphics and also sound than ever before. Four games consoles were originally released which had a 128 tad processor. The first that was launched was called a Dreamcast through Sega, but it did not turn out to be as popular as the some other three consoles released along with was discontinued.

The other 3 consoles were the PlayStation two, the Xbox and the Gamecube. Each of them has games which are fun and offer original game-play. On the PlayStation 2, you will find games like Metal Equipment Solid 2, Gran Turismo 3.

The Xbox offers titles, like Halo, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, in addition to Star Wars: Knights from the Old Republic. The Gamecube comes with titles like Mario Kart: Double Dash, Metroid Prime, and Star Battles: Rouge Squadron III.

The actual games are still evolving, now we don’t have to think about cassettes, floppy disks, or Compact disks, because we have DVD’s, that stands for Digital Video Disc. A single DIGITAL VIDEO DISC can store up to six gigabytes of information, or 1 big game with lots of computer animation, pictures, and game program code. We can play video games, off-line or on-line with our buddies or anyone in the world.

Video gaming are evolving, and we because gamers are evolving together with them. The 128 touch Modern video games guide is actually a look at where we since gamers are, and wherever we are going. The next generation searching back at where game titles have come from and just where they are going, we can see that the storage space medium of video game units have had a lot to say as to what kind of games we are actively playing. From cassettes to diskettes to CD’s to DVD’s the storage is becoming increasingly more and the games are getting very large. From the development of storage mediums we can see new formats becoming developed like HD-DVD as well as Blu-ray, which can store more info than ever before.

old video games

Some of the next era games consoles like the PlayStation 3 may have a Blu-ray drive. This particular format is meant to play online games and watch movies on HIGH DEFINITION TV or High Definition Television, with a higher resolution than a regular television.

With a higher quality comes the need for a bigger storage area medium, and a Blu-ray disk can store up to twenty five gigabytes of game information. Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 have big game processors, and massive storage mediums to play larger games. Wii is the name in the third game console, that is going to be released by Manufacturers. It will not have a big safe-keeping medium, or a big video game processor for playing large games. It will instead concentrate on the way we play games by providing a new kind of a game control. The controller is a wifi and a motion sensitive remote control, which could introduce new types of game play, and games.

The near future is big for players and the games bigger than actually. A lot can be learned through history, and where we are going to go from here. Video game mags offer a good way of subsequent that history, along with on the internet directories like the game portion of the Open Site that concentrate in making different websites about gaming system. The video games magazine is actually dedicated to the gamer that will loves to play video games, and also to their history, and upcomings.

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