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How to configure joystick on your computer

Below, you will learn the simplest way to configure any type of joystick on your personal computer.
It can be used to do any other the following.

  • Play interesting games.
  • Replace your device mouse.
  • Use as remote control for any multimedia software.

Before you actually start, you need so applications installed on your computer. They include:

  • Xpadder or
  • JoyToKey.

PC joystick configuration steps

This article will only focus on Xpadder since it is easy for anyone to get and install.
Before you complete everything, you need to do all these correctly.

  • Download the app from above.
  • Connect your Joystick. Then wait for your computer to detect and install all drivers for it.
  • Run the software. When you do this, a window will pop up.
  • Click the joystick icon displayed on the upper left.
  • Go to image tab, click open and choose your controller image, if it is available.
  • If your computer has analog stick, click on stick tab.
  • Check the proper box for 1 and 2 stick. This depends on your controller type. Make any operation it displays.
  • Go to DPad tab and choose your preferred settings. Only do this if your controller has pads for directions.
  • Go to the tab for button. Configure the layout. Press a button and move the square in order to set to the proper layout of your Joystick.
  • Go to trigger tab and set their layout. Only carry out this step if yours has triggers.
  • Click on Finish tab and close.

Now, you have to configure these sets of buttons. To do that, do the following.

  • When the window shows up
  • Click on it and wait for a virtual keyboard to display
  • The software has some configuration embedded on it.
  • Click and confirm the shown arrows mouse to control it with the Joystick.
  • Save all settings and check it the controller is now working.

If you wish to access the embedded configurations of the application, you have to go to profiles folder.
The software will not work properly if your computer does not identify the controller.

Most times on some modern controllers, a different specification and installation guide may be included. But it might not work if you follow their steps. So, the best procedure will be to check this article out and do everything written here. Meanwhile, if you like to own an android and a ps4 console, you can click here to know how to connect both of them.

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