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How to use PS4 controller on android

Gaming on mobile has become big in the industry where giant consoles have taken an interest in launching games for the OS. Games like Pokemon Go and others are a success in smartphones and this has even lead to development of some cool ones.
Now, better graphics has evolved and turned players into hardcore gamers. This amazing development is the reason why I like you to know the real way to connect ps4 controller to your android device.

Games like Modern Combat, Game of War and GTA are fun to play with a controller. Taking advantage of these amazing games with a controller will be so fantastic.
With your Sony console controller, you can play them on your android phone without buying something else for it. You can even see some android games that support gamepads. However most games may need you to root your device before you can map buttons to the controller.
Some with built in gamepad might require Bluetooth to successful connect. But this article is focused on something else.

connecting ps4 controller on android

Steps to connect your ps4 controller on android
You cannot turn on your controller and expect your phone to recognize it. Instead, you have to do the following for your controller to show up as paring option.
You can do the following on your Tablets and Android TV too.

Step 1: From the controller, you need to hold the PS and Share button at the same time. Keep holding it until a white light flash. If it does, it means your controller is ready for pairing.

Step 2: Enable Bluetooth on your android device. Once you do that, you will see Wireless Controller as an available device. Click on it and wait for it to connect. If it fails, restart the smartphone. When it connects, you can use your controller to navigate on your device. But only few buttons works.

Step 3: Turn on the controller option from your game settings. But remember that not all games support this option. You can just root your android device and use Tincore Keymapper. It will make your controller to work smoothly.

That’s all required to carry the process. You can control games with the gamepad and play.
If you like to connect the controller back to your console, simply press PS button, then connect the USB to your console.

If you successfully performed this, you can let me know the game you are able to play.

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